Ndigbo Will Suffer If Nigeria Breaks Up. -Senator Mike Ahamba.

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A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State and a delegate at the ongoing National Conference, Chief Mike Ahamba SAN, has reiterated that he would not canvass or support the breakup of Nigeria at the conference.
He made this known while fielding questions from Nigeria Moment recently. He said that the Igbos would suffocate in Igbo land if Nigeria breaks up because it would lead to population explosion, food and housing crisis, job problems, etc, and that he would not support any move that would lead to the division of the country.
He added that the Igbos are the people who actually need free movement in the country because of their spread in the country. He also said that what needed to be done was to create atmosphere that would guarantee the Igbos to realize their futures where ever they are, even as he said the Igbos need to reach out to others for the best interest of their children.
He said: “They have forgotten what happened to those who ran back because of the crisis in the North: that only a week after, their relations asked them out of their homes. So, what do we do? Now, you find that if a trailer blocks the road to the North today, we will starve. We won't have tomatoes, fish and others.
“What are you separating for?
All these things will now be imported and you will have to pay duties on them. Some people don't understand this: we are the people who need free movement in Nigeria; the others don't, we do. So, why splitting the country?
“What we can do is to make it possible for every Igbo man where ever he to realize his future. We want friendship with others; we want to unclench our fist and have a handshake with others in the interest of our children who are elsewhere.
Look at all the universities all around the place! You want our children to be foreign students in those places? Because that would be the implication. The population of every university in the country today is at least 40% Igbo.
“The population of the lecturers is the same thing, and this is what you want to destroy because somebody is fanning your embers here to come back home. We will suffocate in this place. And I don't think I will support that”
He said that those castigating him for his earlier statement that he won't support Nigeria's breakup and described it as self serving, were being childish as he has always held position irrespective of his appointment as a delegate to the national Conference.
“That is a childish opinion, because I have always held that opinion before I was appointed, and I think I will defend it anywhere very successfully. You see, people hold peripheral opinion on issues: “oh! Let us separate, let us do this.” Have you planned how you will separate? You have too many Igbo men outside Igbo land, and when you take decisions you should consider them. If all these in Alaba, in Kano, everywhere in this country lose their citizenship where ever they are, it is bound to affect them economically because they will become foreigners.”
He said that the Igbos would suffer most among all the groups in the country if there is a breakup of the country today as there are not enough job opportunities to absorb the mass of the people that would return.
He said: “And of all the groups in Nigeria, the Igbo group would be the largest sufferer of such situation. Now, those at home enjoying themselves don't know what the effect would be on others, but I know. So, in Nigeria, in every state, you would find that after the indigenes of that state, the next in population is the Igbo. So, where are you going to put these people if they come back home?
“Since (Michael) Opkara, has anyone built industry here? Look at Naze Industrial Area; look at Onitsha Road Industrial Area; how many governors have come here since they were set up? Do you have anything there? And when you talk about governorship nomination people are talking about somebody who has money to give to delegates and not somebody who has a programme to create job for the people.
“That is what we are interested in. If we work to ensure that anybody who lives anywhere in Nigeria should have full citizenship rights in those places, it would be to the advantage of the Igbos instead of losing what we already have.
That is the position I take, and I think that those who oppose me do so out of ignorance. They need to understand. And I know that after my formal presentation of that case and arguing it at the National Conference, I will expose myself to some of the radio stations here and we will dialogue on it, and the person will tell me what he intends to do with those who will come back (if Nigeria divides).”

Culled: Premium Times.


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