ENGR OBIOHA EZEKWESIRI's RESPONSE TO "Ndigbo will suffer if Nigeria breaks up - San. Mike Ahamba 2014"

Posted by Cosmas Asogwa On Saturday, May 10, 2014 0 comments
I must start by saying that senator Ahamba has not only insulted the Igbo race but has also undermined the intelligence, Education, Entrepreneurial spirit, Business Wisdom, inventiveness, innovativeness and creativity of the Igbo race in particular and Biafra in general. Most painful is to see that Senator Mike Ahamba has got no faith in the Almighty God whom he claims to serve.
How could a senator of Nigeria representing Imo State senatorial District say that "Ndigbo will suffer if Nigeria breaks up - San. Mike Ahamba 2014" and would not have tomatoes and fish?
Igbo people are able to develop Igboland and make life 300x easier for Biafrans than the hell we are going through all over the world. Has Senator Mike Ahamba forgotten that some Igbo people have lived decades in Western world and have studied, learned, practiced development for the while people who only misuse out talents? Has he forgotten that with Science and Technologies and ICT of the 21st Century, we will be able to develop Igboland within 7 years following the proposed Biafran Uniform Development Systems (BUDS), Kill Corruption strategies and measures, Unconventional trainings, True Government and People's collaboration (spirit of Umunne) and many more Biafran subsystems to trigger the fastest development ever seen in the history of the world.
Well, Sen. Ahamba has just spoken as an analogue Senator which he is. (No insult meant)
On behalf of the Biafran youths all over the world organized in groups and organizations, I dare assure Senator Mike Ahamba that we; the Igbo/Biafran Professionals in Diaspora challenge him to support the agitation for the immediate liberation of the Sovereign State of Biafra. We guarantee Senator mike Ahamba and all Igbo and Biafran people that we will develop Biafra in 7 years according to plans.
The plan is ready and we are only waiting for time as we take over the leaders of Republic of Biafra.
We also want to use this opportunity to...permit me to borrow the words of The Director of Radio Biafra London Nnamdi Okwu Kanu during his Radio Interview with Sahara Reports: He said: "if the Igbo delegates fail to secure Biafran freedom through this National Conference, they should better go on Exile from Abuja and should not even dare come back to Igboland again"
This is our position also and the position of millions of Biafrans scattered all over the world and in Igboland as well as in Nigeria.
Senator Mike Ahamba, eji'kwala ndu gi egwu egwu!!!!!!
No room for Nigerian Politics in Biafra


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