Facts You Need To Know About Ebola Virus

Posted by Cosmas Asogwa On Monday, April 14, 2014 0 comments
Have you heard? A viral disease called EBOLA has been rampaging some part of Africa. 
 According reports, the viral disease presently has no cure or preventive measure. 
Its fast spreading all over African and in Guinea Republic it has killed over 50 people of late, while in LIBERIA 2 persons have died of the disease. 

Its fats approaching the west Africa according to experts. 

Possible means of contracting the disease are through contaminated corpses of affected persons, sexual contact with an affected person, direct contact with blood of an affected person, heat, or faeces. 
Just be on the watch out for symptoms that resembles that of the man whose pix appears here.That's how an affected person may look after few weeks of carrying the virus. 


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