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There have been reported cases of cultures where the news of the birth of a new born baby is a cause of mourning and grief.
Such cultures see the world as a terrible place and thus considers the new born baby's entrant into the world as unfortunate, hence the lamentation. In the light of this belief, deaths are therefore celebrated by these cultures as a welcome  liberation of the deceased from the turmoils of life.

Be that as it may, the birth of a new born baby is usually celebrated and a great cause of joy to family and friends of the new born. That was the case with baby Stephanie, my little niece whose birth on 4th March, 2013 almost coincided with my birthday of 9th March.

Being the first child of my younger sister (Jacinta) who got married a year ago, it was really a special feeling for her as well wishes poured in from different quarters. But more interesting was the visit of her Secondary school Principal, Sr Chukwuka Okpala.

As a student back then, my sister and her principal had developed a mother-daughter relationship which continued till date. Not only did Sr Chukwuka Okpala traveled all the way from Enugu to Abuja to see the new born baby but she left all of us stunned when she decided to bath the newly born baby. The expertise with which she carried out the art was quite remarkable given that owing to her religious calling, she doesn't have babies of her own but that has not deterred her from learning how to take care of kids.

Did I hear you say that what a baby-mother can do, a Rev. Sr can even do better.


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