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His death was one that sent cold shivers down the spine of many considering his status. 

Yes if a commissioner of police can be easily murdered in that manner, then what is the fate of hapless citizens who carry out their day to day activities without the kind of privileged security enjoyed by the slain Kwara State Commissioner of police?
Maybe we just have to take solace in the biblical psalmist exhortation that "If the Lord doesn't watch over a city, it's useless for those on guard duty to stand watch over" ( Palms 127 : 1) Ultimately, God is OUR SECURITY.

Back to the matter. Even as investigations into the perceived murder of Commissioner of Police were still inconclusive,  the remains of the late police chief  was commuted to mother earth on 13th April 2013.

On that day, I had boarded I bike from Zik' Flat by the Second gate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to St Victor's Catholic Parish, Onuyi where the funeral mass was taking place. 

In the course of the 2 minutes ride, I engaged the bike in a conversation as to what manner of man the deceased Commissioner of police was but to my great surprise the bikeman told me the the deceased CP was relatively unknown.

That was not the end of the story. At the venue proper, I sourced for information from people close by and the responses were same as that of the bike-man. I just couldn't really comprehend how  such a highly place son of the soil will remain unknown to his own people.

Still want to know what manner of man the deceased was and more importantly, what he did especially to his down trodden people. Anyone with useful information should volunteer.


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