Umu Nsukka study on bare floor, leaking roofs

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Are there no men of good will in our communities who can turn things around for good? Umu Nsukka urgently need Men who are imbued with the spirit of philanthropy to rise up to this occasion and come to their aid.
The restoration of the dignity of Umu Nsukka must begin now and at this juncture. We cannot wait for a failed government to offer a solution it obviously does not have. 
Just thinking aloud after reading an articled written By  and published on
According to the post, despite promises by the Enugu state Government and its council areas that it will prioritize education in the state, DailyPost investigation has shown that the state of primary education in many parts of the state could still be described as “shameful and embarrassing”.
Our correspondent who went round the state observed that primary schools in Igbo-Etiti and Udenu council areas are among the schools neglected by the state government.
For instance in Union Primary School, Akaibite , Ohebe DimIn where Teachers even sit on their motorbikes to write lesson notes, one teacher laments how has been forgotten by both the state and the local government thus:
“In fact, this school has been forgotten by the government. There is no help whatsoever coming from the government. During rainy season, teachers and pupils are always in trouble because the roof of this building is leaking. Also in the dry season, heat is always too much here.
“Many pupils don’t attend school during rainy season for fear of the building collapsing. Painfully, this school is supposed to be the center for the Common Entrance Examination this year. But, we were denied this because we don’t have seats talk more of other facilities for the comfort of both the candidates and examiners”, he lamented.
“We have made several appeals to the government but nothing is coming our way. The parents have done the best they can all these years. So right now, we are surviving by the mercy of God, but my concern is for the pupils, because I wonder how they would compete with their counterparts in other parts of the country”, he added.
One of the pupils in primary four who said they were not happy studying on bare floor, told DailyPost that he would like to be a computer scientist.
Asked why he would like to study the course, he explained “I will invent a machine that will be able to detect when one is telling lies or not because the government people tell lies a lot. I’m not happy that our school does not have seats and tables for both the teachers and pupils.
“We are begging government to help us provide all these and even renovate our school building. Many of us sit on the floor during lessons while our teachers sit outside on their motorbike to mark our class work”
For the Chairman of the Parents’ Teachers Association chairman of the school Mr. Robert Ezike, the community’s effort had already been over stretched.
He explained that the school was built through community effort, pointing out that there was no basic facility being provided by both the local and state governments since the school started more than three decades ago.
He said: “This school was built even handedly by the poor community dwellers. We have cried to the government to help us at least renovate the building, all to no avail. If nothing is done to ensure the renovation of this building this year, it may collapse.


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