Nsukka Killing Fields: What Is To be Done?

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*Late Christopher Onah a.k.a Papa Nsukka  — Just an hour before his death.
The late Christopher Ejike Onah

From the gruesome murder of a United States based Financial Economist, Ogbo Edoga on December 27, 2012  to the latest assassination of Nsukka based human rights crusader and politician, Christopher Ejike Onah (a.k.a Papa Nsukka) both in Nsukka, there is no doubt that all is not well in the hitherto peaceful town of Nsukka. 

Little wonder then why the chairman of Nsukka Local Government, Mr. Tony Okechi Ugwu in an interview with the vanguard tried to allay the fears of concerned citizens of Nsukka Inside-Out on the security situation in the town. But whether the chairman sufficiently redressed the fears and concerns of my good people of Nsukka Inside Out is still subject to debate. For in stance, on the Porous Security network, the chairman had this to say: 
Chairman Nsukka LG
"I would not say that the security network in Nsukka is porous. Porous might be an overstatement. We are facing challenges in Nsukka just like in any other place. 
And with Nsukka also sharing borders with other states there are bound to be developments and challenges. In tackling these challenges the local government in partnership with police, had more police men drafted to Nsukka. According to him "anti-police kidnap squad, anti terrorism, joint task force, the army, the civil defence and the regular police men and mobile police men, all stationed here in Nsukka".
In addition to this, New police stations have been created in Nsukka. The towns of Eha-Alumona and 
Late Edoga
Ogbo Edoga
Okpuje now have functional police station but more still needs to be done  as he rightly notes that one thing is to establish a police station, another thing is to give them adequate motivation, the tools to work with.

But the importance of motivating the police cannot be over-emphasised especially in the wake of their disturbing lacklustre approach to the murder cases of the duo. Reports in the vanguard of February 8 2013 have it that while the killers of Ogbo Edoga were still inside the compound after shooting him to death, one of his relations that escaped from the compound alerted the local police immediately but they insisted he must come personally to their station to make statement before they will come to the scene.
Similarly in the case of Christopher Ejike Onah (a.k.a Papa Nsukka) the police did not really live up to expectation. Shortly before he passed on the deceased had lamented over the fact that the police could not even come to the hospital to safeguard him against further attacks by his assailants because they did not know he will survive the attack. It was the hospital authorities  that quickly alerted soldiers attached to the urban patrol and they swiftly came to patrol around the area. Our friends in the police informed us that the Area Commander, on hearing the attack, quickly directed the Divisional Officer to take control but nothing was done until he died. Even his suspected assailants were seen walking around the village freely but nobody could do anything because of the absence of the police whom we learnt had concluded that he was a victim of mob action.  As I speak with you, not even one suspect has been either questioned or arrested.
What we really need is not a proliferation of police stations across the length and breadth of Nsukka but the well equipment and motivation of the police. And like the Nsukka Local Government Chairman admonishes: It is about all of us. Let us be vigilant conscious and mindful of things around us and Nsukka would be a better place.


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