Nsukka Loses A Great Man

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I really lack words to express my heart felt deep sense of loss over the shocking news of the death of Fr Emma Onuh.
As undergraduate, Fr emma Onuh was our assistant chaplain at St Peter's Chaplaincy in UNN and whenever he celebrates mass for us, it was always a delight. His insightful and academic laden sermons and soul lifting sonorous voice often drew us in droves every Sunday for masses he presides over whether at St Peter's chaplain or Franco Hostel Refectory.

Read more of his profile as compiled by Chukwuemeka Toni Agbo and Editted by Asogwa Cosmas

Rev. Fr. Emma Onuh (a.k.a. Fadimonuh) a Catholic Priest of Nsukka Diocese hails from Umuasanya in Ogrute, Enugu-Ezike in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. 

Academic Background:

Rev. Fadimonuh (his pen name) began by blazing a sustained culture of academic excellence by finishing his secondary Education with Grade One (Distinction) from St. John’s Seminary, Nsukka. 
He holds a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, (Urban University, Rome), a Bachelors Degree in Theology, (First Class) (Urban University, Rome), a Masters Degree in Religion, (University of Calabar, Nigeria), and a First Class Licentiate (Masters) Degree in Canon Law (Urban University, Rome)

He has many books and Articles to his name. Employing the tools of logic and philosophy, he writes and reflects with authority, unction, grace and an uncommon literary elegance. His readers believe he sees something where most people see nothing. The all-round anointed excellence of “the golden voice of Bigard” does not go unnoticed by anyone who reads him or comes across him. Fr. Emma has a captivating sonorous voice and has used his operatic voice to uplift thousands of worshippers during his Mass celebrations since after his Priestly Ordination on 17th August, 1991. At his Priestly ordination he took as his pastoral guide St. Paul’s tall charge in 1Cor. 9:16 “Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel”. Fr Emma has characteristically lived this to the letter amply using the prophetic mode to throw the bitter truth against the triumphant evil in the society. This has made him many friends as well as foes. Fr. Emma’s hobbies are Transcendental Reflection, playing Table Tennis (Ping Pong) and wild Reading. He however, believes that to a Priest, reading is not a hobby but a bounden duty.

Positions Held:

Rev. Fr. Emma Onuh has held many important positions and offices in the Church and the secular state.
He was the Bigard Seminary Ikot Ekpene, Philosophy Campus/NTA, Aba Music director under the great Very Rev Fr. Dr. Theophilus Okere-1982-1984

He was the Music Director in the Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu Campus, under the great Very Rev Fr. Dr. PD Akpunonu- 1988-1990.
Vice Chairman, Nsukka Diocesan Music Commission-1992-1997
He was a member of Enugu State Intergovernmental Marital committee-2002-2005
He was member, Secretary, Enugu State and Catholic Church Political Council (ESCAPOCO), constituted by His Excellency, Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State.
Member, Secretary, Enugu State and Catholic Church, Truth, Reconciliation and peace Committee (ECCTRAPEC), under Governor Chimaroke Nnamani.
Moderating Secretary, Nsukka Senatorial zonal political forum as convoked by the Most Rev. Dr. F. E.O. Okobo, Catholic Bishop of Nsukka. This forum later metamorphosed into the now very powerful Nsukka General Assembly.
He is recoganized and wildly known retreat preacher, preaching to priests of Nsukka Diocese, Awgu Diocese, Seminarians of Pope JP II major seminary, Awka, St. Joseph’s Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene, Blessed Iwene Tansi Seminary, Onitsha, all in Nigeria, among many others.
He was the Editor in chief of the HORIZON, The Theological Journal of the Nigerian Association of Catholic Theology Student (NACATHS), Bigard Seminary, Enugu, Nigeria.
Chairman, First Nsukka Catholic Diocesan Synod
Chairman Steering Committee, Centenary Celebrations of the arrival of the Catholic Faith in Nsukka
He is the Dean of Aku Deanery of Nsukka Catholic Diocese, Nigeria. He is an acknowledged Judge in the Enugu Inter-Diocesan Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Enugu, Nigeria. He is the Instructing Canonist Judge for Nsukka Diocese. Fadimonuh is a Catholic apologist to the core, a thorough-going Canonist and a habitual theologian with an evident touch of originality

May His Soul Rest In peace


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